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Ganglion is a wrist joint capsule or tendon sheath fluid-filled sac arising. Ganglion liquid in the dense viscous. Wrist ganglion tumor structures is not spread to other parts of the body.The liquid in ganglion the fluid within the joint or tendon sheath are same.


Swelling of the wrist ganglion may be something other than?

Although the majority of swellings on the back of the wrist ganglion an orthopedic care professional should be assessed. Sometimes, lipomas, bone, and other soft tissue masses if necessary, give their similar appearance ultrasound and / or MRI examination can be made.

What causes wrist ganglions?

The reason that develop wrist ganglia is not known with certainty; hand wrist over-loaded, permanent secretaries, using the keyboard, software developers and lenders, musicians and mesh Oren are more common. Joint or tendon is weak or weakened form of walks and the interior of the liquid is full and believed to herniated.

What is the treatment of wrist ganglia?

If the pain is doing wrist ganglia, pain medications and wrist splints antiemflamatuvar circuits are used. This treatment may decrease the ganglion. Sometimes, as a result of falls or blows to the wrist pouch directly explosively lost. Despite the ongoing complaints of wrist splint or medication be taken with a syringe of liquid in the ganglion. It is a certain amount of repetition. Despite all these treatments affect the daily lives of the ongoing and ganglia are surgically treated patients.

How to apply surgical treatment of wrist ganglia?

Removed by surgical treatment of wrist ganglia of patients, the hospital can be removed in the same day. Often in the form of the arm numb done with local anesthesia. In the surgery, is located in the ganglion cyst caused by the joint and tendon is surgically removed.

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