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Trigger Finger


What is the disease trigger finger?

Trigger finger disease is a condition that creates a feeling of finger movements and pain during the engagement. Finger and thumb to level the crash, and the patient has difficulty sometimes observed.

Is thetrigger finger causes crash or stuck?

Bending movement takes place with the fingersto pull tendons. Tendons are located on the palm and finger tips of the fingers as far as they lie periodically pass through small tunnels. Any strain of the tendon, tendon irritation is thickening. Due to the thickening of the tendon at the mouth of the tunnel with the sliding movement and sound compressed and completes the feeling of a jump. Felt in the form of a small nodule in the palm of this thickening and often sensitive.


What are the signs of disease, trigger finger?

Trigger finger disease are rarely observed in the presence of an injury event started. The most significant finding in the form of finger movements during the engagement, and all of a sudden jump with sound movement. Some patients, creates a feeling of the finger come into place. Can be seen in the finger pain during movement. Trigger finger tendon disease nodular swelling on the palm area as shown in the figure above is felt. Mostly in nodular swelling sensitive. This disease, in some cases, trigger finger is the finger lock open.

Which the tests are carried out in the diagnosis of disease, trigger finger?

Patient history and physical examination, diagnosis of disease are diagnosed with trigger finger.

What is the treatment of trigger finger?

Rest In many cases, local and systemic drugs for treatment antiemflamatuvar sufficient. It did not improve despite treatment or surgery is recommended in cases with fingers locked.

Is it possible to cure by injection in the treatment of trigger finger?

Following the temporary relief of local steroid drugs trigger finger disease obtained. However, local injections of steroids in both tendon and permanent cure is not achieved, given the potential negative effects on injection therapy is not recommended.

What is the treatment of trigger finger disease?

Disease, surgical treatment of trigger finger is being done with a local anesthetic tendon is inserted through an incision of about 1-2 cm of the tunnel is expanded. Patients fingers move back immediately after the surgery.There could be pain in some patients in surgery lasted for 1-2 weeks. Patients may leave the hospital after the 2 hours operation.

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