Knee Surgery



What is Knee Replacement surgery?

Removing worn parts of the joint surfaces of the knee replacement surgery index composed of metal and plastic prosthetic implants placed.


Knee replacement surgery is recommended in which patients?

Pain and difficulty in walking due to severe arthritis of the knee joint in patients with surgery is recommended to relieve pain management and walk.

What is the knee joint arthritis?

The knee joint is the joint that connects the calf. Knee joint and bone structures are the thigh bone (femur), the lower end of the thigh bone (tibia) and the upper end of the bone of the knee cap (patella). For easier movement of the joint is covered with cartilage in the joint surfaces of the bones. In addition to do a more stable range of motion of the knee joint meniscus and ligament structures available.

Arthritis of the joints known as osteoarthritis, the cartilage breaks down and the pain occurs with damage to the joint surface. As can be seen with advancing age before calcification intra-articular fractures of the knee, meniscus tears, ligament and cartilage injuries in the knee or previous infections may also occur due to illness or emflamatuvar. Pain due to arthritis so severe that it can be seen that may interfere with walking or daily activities not found.

Is the drug treatment for knee joint calcification possible?

Treatment provides pain relief and pain relief with antiemflamatuvar medications. There is no corrective effects of calcification of the knee joint.

Is arthritis of the knee joint is the role of physical therapy?

In addition to ensuring the protection of the range of motion with physical therapy to strengthen the muscles provided. The use of a cane helps you to feel less pain.

Is the arthritis of the knee joint have a role in intraarticular injections?

Selected patients with intra-articular injections may provide temporary benefit.

Is the reason for knee replacement is recommended to give more weight?

More patients with complaints of weight reduces both dilute and increase the success of future possible prosthetic surgery.

What is Knee Replacement surgery? Is it true that the plaster used?


Surgical treatment of worn metal and plastic joint surfaces of the prosthesis removed and put in place. Sometimes varies according to the type of prostheses with bone cement are secured by special medical. Cementless prostheses are also available in these types of types of bone tissue adhered to the surface of the prosthesis provides stability over time. Your doctor will decide what type of knee replacement to use.

Patients remain in the hospital for approximately 4-5 days after surgery.

What are the risks for knee replacement surgery?

Although the risks of knee replacement surgery is generally quite safe. Although the risks associated with anesthesia is rare with modern techniques available. With the advice of your doctor, information in this regard is the preoperative anesthesia. Although it is less than the risks associated with knee replacement surgery patients to be informed about these risks by getting in touch with the doctor and finding was the smallest increase success with early and rapid response. These risks are:

The development of clots in the veins are First-leg, characterized by swelling and pain in the leg. To prevent this, your doctor may want to use drugs blood thinners for a while after the surgery.

The lungs to other parts of the body such as

2-going development of these clots blocking arteries there may not quite serious problems. The most important finding of pulmonary artery obstruction shortness of breath, chest pinhead-sized red rash and pain. Emergency management and diagnosis and successful results obtained.

3-operative infection at the site. In this case, place of surgery, swelling, warmth and redness appears. Your doctor may recommend medications as well as surgical treatment required.

4-prosthesis loosening. Onset of pain is seen as the way everything is OK, the pain is often activity. Your doctor may suggest additional tests and surgery if necessary.

5-operative scar is painful. Sensitivity observed in the superficial nerves. Local injection of drugs and is usually successful outcome.

To go through the pain after knee replacement surgery is provided to increase the level and move on?

Knee replacement surgery today, thanks to the technology and know-how gives successful results in almost all patients. Post-operative pain relief in many patients, and an increase in the level of activity expected results obtained.

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