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Tibia (Thigh Bone) Front Side of Pain (shin splints)


The tibia (shin bone) to the front side of the pain and shin splints, it is quite a common complaint. often seen in athletes who run and jump, especially in the movement. In general, the exercises are accustomed to, and do it fast with a lot of observed. Patients with this complaint queried or starting a new sport or fitness level and the time stated that the sudden increase in the near term.

What causes pain in the front of the calf?

The front side of the thigh bone, the leg can be felt with our hands. Felt at the front of the leg tibia (shin) bone tissue immediately with a soft feel on the outside of the ankle, which we call the anterior tibial muscle attracts up. This muscle membrane called the periosteum along the tibia bone sticks. Or untrained persons, especially sudden loading of sport or the sport while increasing the density of the bone and muscle is pulled in the direction of separation. As a result, the membrane of the muscle and the bone called the periosteum emflamation and edema occurs.

In addition to this new sport beginners, novice soldiers, causing symptoms similar to those seen stibia be confused with bone stress fracture. Stress fractures, tibial bone edema and a small crack emflamation pain occurs.

Compartment syndrome should be kept in mind that the other disease. Edema of the compartments in which they lived muscle caught in the muscles, increase pressure compartment circulatory disorders and related pain is observed with increasing pressure.

Bone pain, which is felt in the front side of the calf, and how?

Shin splints pain right tibia (shin) bone along the outer side of the face is felt at muscle adhesion. Pain, sudden decreases resting while running or fast walking. Sporty people, the pain is a result of overloading.

How the diagnosis is put on the front of calf pains?

Diagnosis often is the patient’s complaints and inspection router. Orthopedic specialist deems necessary in cases such as radiography or MRI may require further investigations. Compartment syndrome, the diagnosis of compartment measuring intraocular pressure at rest and after exercise the path to get there.

How to treat shin splints are in?

The first approach to treatment of shin splints is rest. In addition, antiemflamatuvar drugs and contributes to the application of ice. It may benefit from physical therapy in patients not responding to treatment.

Is there a surgical treatment in Shin Splints?

Shin splints are applied in the presence of surgical treatment of compartment syndrome.

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