Spinal Surgery

The term refers to the spine of the body

The term refers to the spine of the body


Vertebral column is an he de call the the spine the above-of the head a full which began under the below, the pelvic the bones de joint by doing the tail the sacral bone dating back to the omur (vertebrae) series. All 33 vertebrae in the vertebral column is available. Upper spine skull, thorax, ribs and hip joints in the pelvis as well they do. Taking part in such an important role in the body axis of the spine makes it virtually.

The bones of the spine vertebrae were only 33

When we say the spine or vertebral column of 33 vertebrae and discs between the vertebrae, joints and ligaments, as well as the existence of the spinal cord passes through the need to deal with.


Why is it important vertebral fractures

The most important feature of vertebral fractures, spine in various parts of the body, arms and shelter in legs, is because the nerves and spinal cord. In proportion to the severity and nature of fractures in the spine can damage nerves. As a result, up to paralysis encounter serious problems. However, with the proper treatment of vertebral fractures did not cause neurological damage does not consist of fractures, deformities develop. These curvatures and curvature of town at an early stage with the show itself later in life can present with flank pain, arthritis and deterioration of mechanics.

How is Spinal Fractures

Vertebral fractures are the most important causes of traffic accidents and high falls. In addition, gunshot wounds, assault and injuries seen in sports. Weakened vertebral fractures due to osteoporosis or neoplastic or infectious consists of more easily.

Vertebral column Fracture have suspected to a person the first how to help should be done

The first approach has been corrupted addition to the stability of the spine spine fractures, spinal cord injury can cause not careful. So be the first to call emergency assistance. If you are in a safe place, and vertebral fracture in patients with suspected or breathing problems giving the expected health care teams. If you are in a safe place vertebral fracture in patients with suspected areas of the patient’s body to a safe place on the platform, playback of a stiff transferred.

Is the treatment of spinal fractures

Vertebral fractures spine fracture treatment vary according to the type and age of the patient. Seen in the treatment of osteoporotic fractures in elderly patients or corset vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty is applied. Fractures of the spine bulges out of it as just part of the front side or simple fractures are treated with a brace. Compression fracture of the spine in patients with severe neurological symptoms boom style may or may not fractured. Neurological status, must be assessed and records. Severe fractures often posterior instrumentation + fusion process is applied by entering the back of the waist. Both the front side and the back side is rarely approached these fractures may require surgery.

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