Elbow Surgery

Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)


What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow, the outer side of the elbow but the pain and loss of function in daily activities, which are diagnosed with an orthopedic problem.

What causes tennis elbow?

As the name suggests, the technique used to play tennis elbow tennis caused by improper methods of stroke. However, without the sport of tennis elbow symptoms seen in many of the patients were analyzed. Especially with recurrent and / or strenuous exercise (heavy truck, turning a screwdriver, repetitive microtrauma, secretaries, and so on.) pain on the outside of the elbow. Disease, tennis elbow, wrist held up the outer part of the elbow tendon attached to gene failure is caused by micro-tears and pain emflamation.

Which areal pain is felt in Tennis elbow?

In tennis elbow, pain felt in arm (humerus) bone on the outside of the lower end of the lateral area called epikodil. Pain is felt in the attempt to remove even the lightweight objects such as teapots.

What is the treatment of tennis elbow?

First-line treatment of tennis elbow rest, exercise, splints, antiemflamatuvar medications and ice are applied. This applies to physical therapy treatment to patients who have difficulty in applying. Despite this, in some cases, local injections for continuing pain applied

In which cases Surgical treatment implemented for tennis elbow?

Over 6 months, and patients do not respond to other treatment methods are surgically treated.


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