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The shoulder joint, the joint between the humerus and scapula forms. The shoulder joint is the body’s joints, which is one of the most vibrant and freedom of movement in many directions. Shoulder Pain felt pain in the shoulder joint that which is so very moving. Shoulder Pain, orthopedics pain in the low back and knee pain, the most frequently seen complaint. Shoulder pain at rest, certain movements of the shoulder, the shoulder can be any movement or always. Shoulder pain, instant, short term, could ride the last few days or may be continuous.


What are the Causes of Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain, shoulder soft tissues surrounding the shoulder joint, the bones that make up the shoulder and neck caused the nerves. On the soft tissues of the shoulder problems are most frequent cause of shoulder pain.

What are the issues that make up the soft tissue shoulder pain?

Tendinitis, bursitis, and injuries to the shoulder injury, shoulder instability, dislocations, calcific tendinitis and frozen shoulder disease, a common form of soft tissue problems.Tendon shoulder pain, muscle and bone extensions in the form of a thin strip of adhesive tissues. Acting with the tendon attaches muscle contraction pulls the bone itself, so that the movement of the joints occurs.

Tendinitis of the shoulder joint and tendon strain, edema, and tear over the years, the state of deterioration that we call degeneration. If tendinitis is often at the front of the shoulder and shoulder pain is felt in the shoulder during the rearward rotation movement.

Bursitis, shoulder joint, shoulder, called the acromion ceiling of fluid-filled sac called the bursitis imflamation. Often forced to shoulder, tendinitis, rotator cuff tears bursitis becomes swollen and emflame. As a result, the lifting movements, especially the shoulder is shoulder pain.

Calcific Tendinitis, strain the tendons that move the shoulder joint, tearing and bleeding from the tiny crunch of calcium in the tendon tissue disease characterized by the fact that. Calcific tendinitis Another feature is that it causes severe pain in the shoulder.

Shoulder Pain with situations in which medical care should I take?

Shoulder pain is always recommended to seek professional help. Should contact the doctor if the following situations:

Shoulder pain, shoulder joint after injuries, if any, we disfigurement if your shoulder, shoulder area open wounds,

Even at rest and / or eliminate sleep at night if you have shoulder pain,

Shoulder pain is light but takes a few days’ rest and despite the use of pain relief,

Move his arms and you can not move your shoulder,

If you feel any difficulty in removing an object using a normally remove the arm,

Shoulder suggestive of the joint infection, redness, warmth that state.

How to put the diagnosis of the cause of shoulder pain?

To take your pain as a result of the shoulder to contact the Orthopaedic Specialist, you will work in a team by asking questions to understand the possible causes. Then, the shoulder and neck region, will examine the joint. After examination, the doctor will have an idea about the diagnosis of shoulder pain. Your doctor will treat you immediately start sometimes and sometimes benefit from imaging modalities, such as radiography or MRI.

How to treat shoulder pain?

According to the diagnosis of the cause is not completely loaded in the treatment of shoulder pain is applied. Shoulder pain, the most commonly used

methods of treatment are:

Antiemflamtuvar rest and drug use,

Stretching and strengthening exercises

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation,

The local or district tender point injections,

Shoulder arthroscopy,

Open surgery.

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