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Osteitis pubis (groin and thigh areas PAIN ON THE INSIDE)

Osteitis pubis (groin and thigh areas PAIN ON THE INSIDE)

Osteitis pubis, groin and pain on the inside of the thighs is one of the most important reasons. Osteitis pubis, which is the junction in front of the bones of the pelvis called the pelvic symphysis pubiste imflamation and edema caused by the disease.


Disease caused due to osteitis pubis?

Osteitis pubis, sports injuries, due to overloading, pelvis injuries, pelvic surgery (abdominal region, and urology surgeries), and can be seen due to infection. Osteitis pubis, soccer, American football and ice hockey are common position. Besides, the findings of osteitis pubis during pregnancy are at.

Osteitis pubis What are the findings?

Groin, and testicular pain is felt on the inside of the thighs.

How to diagnose osteitis laid Pubiste?

Pubiste diagnosis of osteitis, pubiste symphysis pain in the groin tenderness on physical examination suggestive. In addition, Orthopedist, radiography, MRI, scintigraphy and laboratory tests that may need. Direct radiography, bone disorder seen in the pubic symphysis. Pubiste osteitis is extremely important to reveal the problem that is causing pain. This is a guide for treatment.

Treatment of osteitis Pubiste How Do I?

The first approach to treatment is rest, ice therapy and exercise of antiemflamatuvar. Recreation and sport is one of the most important approaches for treatment interruption. Local injection in patients with continued pain, physical therapy. Where you can find a few months of treatment and healing process must be known. Stubborn cases surgical treatment.

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