Anesthesia For Orthopedic Surgery


Anesthesiologist makes a preoperative examination and will decide the most appropriate anesthetic method for surgery together with you.

How many kinds of anesthesia?

1-General Anesthesia:

If the patient is completely unconscious under anesthesia, it is called “General Anesthesia” .Many drugs used for general anesthesia.These drugs as well as syringe to vein,gasses used combination with oxygen included.Necessary drugs are selected according to the characteristics of each patient.

2-Regional Anesthesia:

Numbing a part of body(arm,leg,chest etc.) with syringe is called ‘regional anesthesia’.There are varieties like spinal, epidural, nerve block.

3-Local Anesthesia:

In minor surgery only the initiative part numbed.Your surgery doctor can do numbing process but the need for vital functions in the follow-up or sedation occurs, your anesthesiologist will be with you again.

Your anesthesiologist and you

-Examines the state of your health.He visits your room,explains what he will going to do and answer your questions.

-Gives advice about examination, treatment and care.

-Gives the drugs that you need before the anesthesia.

-He selects the most suitable method of anesthesia according to your examination results and disease.

During surgery

He gives the drugs for painless operation,checks he operation of your heart and lung,makes necessary treatment for your organs to work well,gives serum,blood and other medicines.

You are unaware about things your anesthesiologist do about you and your surgery doctor.Your anesthesiologist be with you during the surgery,be your saver and the guardian of your whole being.Your doctor knows that you are in good hands and gives all his attention to his own business when your anesthesiologist with you.

After surgery

Your anesthesiologist duty of make you fall asleep and waking you up.His other job is makes you get rid of the drugs that you take during operation,stops the pain and make preparations for care and treatment to stay healthy after operation.In recent years pain after operation relieved by the anesthetist with a method that you also under the control of (patient controlled analgesia).

All this shows us, under suitable conditions, which are implented by persons with sufficient knowledge of anesthesia equipment are highly secure and comfort during surgery and more importantly shows that an implementation that allows patience during surgery.

The anesthesiologist outside the operation..

Patients in Intensive Care Units headed by the anesthetist for follow an intense experienced.

Algology in modern medicine has developed rapidly in recent years and has become today.Everyone complained of severe pain at any time in their life.Therefore, the pain is as old as mankind.

Disease of pain that seen as evidence in the past- especially chronic pain, is no longer considered a disease in its own right.Pains caused by diseases can eliminated with the disease to be treated.

However, there are some chronic pain syndromes that reason is not clear,sometimes the reason can’t eliminated,in such cases, these efforts are intended to provide only a person live a life without pain.In the Pain Management Centers, evaluation of patients with chronic pain, treatment  should be established with psychiatric diagnoses and appropriate treatments and multidisciplinary understanding based on scientific protocols.

( * ) Dr. Fikret Kutlu, Anestezi ve Reaminasyon uzmanı

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