Online Consultation

Written by Kerem


Ortopedi Doktorum Clinic Online Consultation Service:

Seref AKTAS, MD.

You may talk online with Dr.Aktas by using our Skype consultation  service.

Before the Skype interview, you need to

  •  mail us the copies of the all radiographs, MR and other studies related to you disease,
  •  send us your Skype account name and e-mail and time periods you are available,
  • write down all your questions and have them ready for the interview.

Skype interview time is limited to 15 minutes.

Skype talk can be in English or Turkish.

Online consultation is a paid service.

Online consultation can not be a replacement of a Diagnosis or Treatment service. It aims to give you information and idea about your possible diseases and treatment alternatives.

For further information and appointment:


Ortopedi Doktorum Clinic Online Consultation Service was established to give information about orthopedic treatment in Turkey.


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