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Morton Neuroma

morton neuroma

Morton neuroma

What is Morton neuroma?

Morton Neuroma is degeneration and thickening  of the nerve between metatarsals. It is common in the nerves more between 3 and 4 metatarsals and  following between second and third metatarsals.


What findings can be seen as Morton’s neuroma?

Morton’s Neuroma causes pain, burning and numbness complaints. On the  forefoot,  Patients often moves his/her toes to relax the feet and seek for a foot massage.

What causes Morton’s Neuroma?

Exact cause of Morton’s neuroma is unknown. Tiptoeing, jumping activities, dancing on tiptoe and practising on firm surfaces with soft sole shoes result in irritation particularly in the forefoot. That repetitive traumas may initiate the nerve degeneration and thickening. Also, transverse ligament between the metatarsals can be thicken due to repetitive micro traumas and this may increase the intra-compartmental pressure and son the entrapment of the nerve.

How is the diagnosis of Morton’s Neuroma made?

In most cases, the complaint and physical exam will help to make the diagnosis. A manuel pressure between the 3 and 4 metatarsals produce pain. Mulder sign is usually positive. If one squeeze the forefoot,a popping sensetion and pain can be felt in Morton Neuroma site.  MR with contrast substance confirms the diagnosis.

What is the treatment of Morton’s neuroma?

In the treatment of Morton’s neuroma, comfortable shoes, anti-imflammatory drugs and metatarsal pads  are used. Surgical treatment of patients who fail to respond to conventional therapy is considered.

Radio frequency ablations

I have started to use cool radio frequency ablation recently. We have had promising results. Its advantage is that It is an office procedure and patients are not need to be hospitalised.

What is the surgical treatment of Morton’s neuroma?

Surgical treatment often does not require in general anesthesia. Ankle block anesthesia is suffucient in most cases. A dorsal insicion is made. Transvers ligament is cut and thickened nerve segment is exposed, freed and removed.

How many days you need to stay in the hospital after surgery of Morton’s Neuroma?

Many patients may be discharged the same day, one night hospital stay is rarely required.

How long does it take to put pressure on foot after surgery of Morton’s neuroma?

Even patients can walk on their heels or with special shoes, putting pressure on the forefoot may take 2-3 weeks.

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