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Meniscal Tears

meniscal tears

What is the function of the meniscus, and what are they?

Meniscus is in the knee joint between the thigh and the leg bones, including one each in both the outside and inside as well as the C and the crescent-shaped structures consisting of fibrous tissue and cartilage.

Meniscus, cartilage structure, located between the two string stability of the joint cartilage structures that serve to suspension.

How meniscus tear occurs?

The most important issue related to the meniscus is the meniscal tears tissue.

Meniscal tears, often while sporting a young age, in the form of knee sprains are by turning on the middle-age and degeneration of the meniscus tear develops over time, depending on the structure of the car, riding up and down, like turning down a ladder index develop meniscal tears trauma is much more simple.

What are the findings of meniscal rupture?

The most important finding of meniscal rupture knee pain and limitation of motion. The side of the patient’s meniscal tear,step on his feet, and the complaints in difficulty walking seen. Also the knee meniscus tear in proportion to the severity of the trauma is swelling.

The first approach, as well as all sports injuries, meniscal tears, rest, ice with a knee brace or elastic bandage series of practical and secure the knee joint and pain relief for the treatment of pain and edema-reducing drugs antiemflamatuar used.

How is the diagnosis of meniscal tear?

Knee torn meniscus tissue stuck, crash, jump and feel the sound is caused by damage to the cartilage and over time by rubbing. Meniscal tears are diagnosed with physical examination and MRI study. MR examination of the existence of the knee meniscus tear, torn location, close to the outer edge of the meniscus meniscus tear or indicate whether the body of the meniscus. In addition, outside of the knee meniscus tear of cartilage injury, anterior cruciate, posterior cruciate ligament injury, the knee can be seen whether collateral ligament injuries.

How is the treatment of meniscal tears?

Arthroscopic surgery performed by treatment of meniscal tears. Knee arthroscopy of the knee joint into the hole 0.5 cm promoted one of the two inputs in the form of a thin tube with the help of the camera and the other instruments are used for the surgical procedure.

Place in the treatment of meniscal tears in the meniscus tear is important. 10-15% cut on the outer edge of the meniscus of our blood supply and healing potential of the region, which we call the red zone.Sew lacerations in this area can be treated up to a certain size. Other complaints of the patient to end in tears in the meniscus tear in both knees may develop due to synovitis, cartilage damage, in order to avoid problems, such as being treated with removal of part of the meniscus tears.

Is it necessary to stay in the hospital after knee arthroscopy?

Torn meniscus rupture segment of patients that removed,emerging the hospital at the same day or staying more than 1 night in the hospital. Patients are remain up and walking after surgery in second hour. Patients coming from abroad or away from the cities can make flight the next day. Often return to their jobs after a weeks rest.



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