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Medial Knee plica syndrome

Medial Knee plica syndrome

What is plica?

Synovial plica, divide the number of intrauterine life is the normal fetal development of the building, 2 trimeter smaller. The synovial tissues in adult life, or synovial plica is called folds. In some patients, prominent band in the form of pillars are thick and will cause pain and irritation.

ent knee position track error plica irritation due to direct trauma exposure and excessive uses imflamation causes pain and edema, which create a situation called synovial plica syndrome.

What are the findings of synovial plica syndrome?

Synovial plica syndrome, the most common complaints of pain in the inner side of the front of the knee.Sound from the knee to knee movement, engaging, and crash complaints followed.

How to put the diagnosis of synovial plica syndrome?

Synovial plica syndrome is diagnosed with MRI examination of patients and hearing examination as well. Sometimes orthopedic doctor, despite the other reason is hidden in MR diagnosis put his knee during arthroscopy.

How the treatment of synovial plica syndrome?

Treatment of synovial plica syndrome, stretching and strengthening exercises will begin with the first antiemflamatuvar drugs. mprovement in the majority of cases, the findings seen with this treatment. In patients who have complaints of articular cartilage during arthroscopic surgery and rubbing thick inflamed plica observed. Special arthroscopic shaver and ArthroCare that called majority of instruments excised and reduced with the help of MP. After arthroscopy patients with short-term physical therapy and exercise program is returned to normal activities.

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