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Mallet Finger


Mallet finger is a baseball finger or toe failure to make an active state of the flat.

How is the Mallet finger disease occurs?

Mallet finger disease, the ball hit the tip of the finger or any other object as a result of a finger is lifted through the decomposition of the extensor tendon over. Tendons sometimes decomposed with a small bone parts.

What are the signs of disease mallet finger?

Mallet finger the most typical signs of disease falls at your finger tips. In mallet finger disease, the patient is unable to remove his fingertips. Injury in the early stages of pain, swelling and tenderness may occur. Orthopedic specialist, the diagnosis of disease by examination with mallet finger, the tendon with a fragment of bone may decompose and radiological tests.

How is the treatment of Mallet figer?

Mallet finger disease at early stages (the first 1 month) successful results have been obtained with the use of mallet finger splint. Past 3 months in patients with a large part of the decomposition of bone disease, surgical treatment may be showing the mallet finger.


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