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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (Ulnar Nerve Entrapment)

Cubitel Tunnel Disease (Syndrome)

What is Cubitel Tunnel Disease?

Cubitel tunnel disease, suffered compression of the ulnar nerve at the elbow on the inside of the elbow pain, hand 4 and 5 numbness and tingling sensation in the fingers that creates a disease.

What causes the cubital tunnel disease?

The ulnar nerve at the elbow of the arm bone at the bottom of the back bone of the bone and fibrous bands called the internal epicondyle of watches in a tunnel. This is the tunnel narrows the diameter of the bone spurs, fibrous band of tissue called the synovial thickening, or thickening of the direct compression of the nerve suffers. Still holding on to hard ground is bent elbows are also common in people. Asleep holding hands under his head, with their hands, such as pillows or side lying positions may support people choosing to make, and bends over the elbow bent outward in the form of the angular deformity in patients with bone, nerve, called the longitudinal traction force of withdrawal applies. This nerve can cause withdrawal in the cubitel tunnel.

How is the diagnosis of cubital tunnel disease?

The patient’s symptoms and physical examination guiding in the diagnosis of cubitel tunnel syndrome. In particular half of the Hand 5th finger and 4th finger, reduced sense of feeling and numbness is observed. The region remained behind the elbow ulnar nerve reflex hammer in hand with the 4th and 5th reaching fingers tapping sensation of pain arises. EMG test sets as well as a definitive diagnosis. If your doctor needs, elbow radiographs and / or MRI study may well ask.

What is the treatment of cubital tunnel?

In cubitel tunnel disease treatment, especially in patients with a new approach will be resting the elbow and elbow to prevent excessive bending antiemflamatuar drug use and the use of orthotics. In addition, your doctor may also recommend the use of B vitamins. In patients with persistent or the ulnar nerve EMG intermediate / advanced-level involvement in patients with surgical treatment is recommended.

How is the surgical treatment of cubital tunnel disease?

The surgical treatment of cubital tunnel; 1 – to release the nerve in the area 2 – release and transposition of the nerve in front of the elbow 3 – medial epicondyle of the humerus bone, which is located inside the tip is one of the removal operations. Our practice; nerve transposition into loosening and elbow surgery. In this process, patients can be discharged from the hospital the same day. 10-15 days after the surgery arm sling only use plaster splint for 2 weeks, and then to begin to use brackets. Patients can return to work within 15 days if you’re doing a desk job. Return to play using the bracket is around 8 weeks.

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