Knee Surgery



The surgical procedures of the knee is called. knee surgery.

Why knee surgery done?

Knee surgery, knee pain, knee lock, in patients with symptoms such as difficulty walking as a result of orthopedic examinations and investigations; 1 – patients can not be treated with rest and medication, 2 – the problems can not be solved with physical therapy when the patient’s knee, 3 – all non-surgical treatments, applied in cases of failure.

What are the most common knee surgeries?

The most common knee surgeries, knee arthroscopy, knee replacement, knee fractures, a minimally invasive surgical treatments, knee fractures, the open surgical reduction and internal fixation, external fixation in fractures of the knee deformity and its applications, tumors around the knee with the removal of the tumor tissue sample and reconstruction operations can be given.

Is knee surgeries are performed under general anesthesia?

Knee surgery can be realized under general anesthesia spinal / epidural anesthesia (numbing the waist) and well maintained. Only very few knee surgery can be done with local anesthesia. Diagnostic arthroscopic knee surgeries performed under local anesthesia as an example, needle biopsy may be required.

When you can get up after knee surgery?

After knee surgery, and the patient’s general condition was done unilaterally ,you can stand up the next day after surgery. Knee surgery time varies depending on the type of the patient being allowed to press on the foot. For example, patients immediately after arthroscopic meniscectomy given permission to push support partial weight bearing with crutches or walker broken discharge determinations are recommended.

When stitches are taken after ankle surgery?

Knee surgery, arthroscopic surgery, such as minimally invasive surgery, and in a small fraction of the sutures are removed in 5-7 days. After knee surgery such as total knee replacement may take up to 2 weeks time to get stitches.

Can I bend my knee after knee surgery and do i need to use knee brace or a plaster?

Treating orthopedic doctor will ask you to give your knee motion as soon as possible. However, sometimes it may be necessary to determine the knee joint after knee surgery. Concerning the knee fractures, fractures of the patella, such as arthroscopic knee ligament repair surgery after the orthopedic surgeon to 3 weeks partially restricting knee movement may use a knee brace or splint.

How many days I have to stay in the hospital after knee surgery?

Length of hospital stay after surgery depends on the type of knee surgery. For example, a needle biopsy was diagnostic arthroscopy do not need to stay in hospital after surgery, such as knee arthroscopic meniscectomy by average hours in 1 day, 2-3 days after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction of the knee may need to stay in hospital for 5-7 days after hypotheses. After surgery, orthopedic specialist performing surgery may be reduced or may extend this period in accordance with the controls.

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