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infantile SCOLIOSIS

infantile SCOLIOSIS

Infantile scoliosis in children under 3 years of age is a disease characterized by an angulation of the spine to the side. Curvature can be right or left-hand side can be C or S-shaped.

What is the incidence of infantile scoliosis?

Infantile scoliosis is quite rare and is more common in Northern European countries. Only 1% of the entire frequency cases infantile scoliosis seen. The majority of cases were male children.

How to put the diagnosis of infantile scoliosis?

Infantile scoliosis, scoliosis diagnosed by clinical examination and the story are laid. examination of the accompanying abnormalities, since a significant neurological involvement and whether the child’s scoliosis bending under the holding or lifting the shoulders if this clears checked. Radiological examination is carried out later. MR tomography in patients with essential or required.


Do I need to do to take radiographs?

Orthopaedic Specialist, radiological examination of the spine will want to do in order to observe the development of bone structure and. In this way, the location of the curve of the spine, the degree of development of congenital anomalies of the spine or other bone abnormalities that accompany seen. In fact, remain attached to the bones of the spine, vertebra is said that half of the underdevelopment of follow-up and treatment of cases of congenital scoliosis vary.

How is the treatment of infantile scoliosis?

Although it shows a very infantile scoliosis, a part of the progress can be seen in the phenomenon of spontaneous recovery. Treatment, observation, exercise and brace treatment of patients is necessary. In very rare cases surgery is needed ta.

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