Humerus Fractures (Arm Bone Fractures)

Humeral fractures (arm bone) FRACTURE

Humerus bone structure of the shoulder and elbow of the arm in the form of. Fractures of the humerus, direct blows, broken elbow embarkation axial direction. In addition, the humerus bone of the shoulder and elbow muscles provide movement who adhere to a very strong contractions of a sudden, this muscle (baseball ball throwing), broken humerus during epileptic seizures. Humerus fractures, a broken arm-wrestling competitions seen from time to time. In addition, osteoporosis, Paget’s disease, bone tumors, metastases, and causes debilitating bone, such as the presence of infection can occur with minimal trauma fractures of the humerus.

Fractures of the humerus are common in which age?

Humerus fractures, an area divided into three levels: 1-proximal humerus (the upper end of the humerus), 2 – and 3-distal humeral shaft of the humerus (the lower end of the humerus) fractures. Seen in the upper end of the humerus fractures later in life. Mean age at presentation is 65. Proximal humerus fractures, fractures of the hip and wrist fractures in this age group 3 after frequently occurring fractures. Humeral shaft fractures seen in younger patients with an average age of 55.

What are the signs of humeral shaft fractures?

Patients with severe pain and swelling in the arm is deformed. Remove the broken ends of the arms and rubbing each other a lot Patients with severe pain in the sound can be heard. We also replaced a broken ends can be seen in the brevity of cases. However, in these patients, we call radial nerve can be damaged during the injury to the nerve remained very close to the bone. In this case, patients have trouble removing wrists up.

What is the treatment of humeral fractures?

Humeral fractures are often cast, splint or brace can be treated with. Fractures of the humerus with radial nerve damage, fractures of the humerus with vascular nerve injury, fracture displacement of the extreme ends of the fractures, open fractures of the humerus with a pathologic humerus fractures are treated surgically. Surgical treatment of radial nerve and vascular injuries are present, often the preferred method of plate and screws. Open fractures or soft-tissue defects, bone loss is external fixation. Closed fractures, neurological injury or pathological bone fractures into a part of the call is forwarded steel or titanium intramedullary nails in the form of tubes are surgically treated.

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