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How many years of life of the hip prosthesis ?

How many years of life of the hip prosthesis?

How many years of life of the hip prosthesis?

The wonder of the patient as a candidate for hip replacement surgery at the beginning of the questions, how much is to be applied and how long you wear the prosthesis life without pain or trouble-free use hip joints are questions.

Hip arthroplasty life quality of the patient’s bone age, activity level, varies according to the type of prosthesis and prosthetic techniques of implementation.

If we look at total hip arthroplasty prosthesis loosening due to factors such problems can say that less than cementless prostheses. However, both the acetabular surface wear is the least of the side surfaces of both the femoral head prosthesis part is ceramic or metal prostheses.

If we look at patient-related factors in patients with osteoporosis sometimes available will not allow the use of cementless prosthesis. However, both have severe osteoporosis, affecting the stability of prosthesis loosening leads to an increased risk of fractures around the prosthesis causes both. The patient’s activity level and weight loading on the denture to be more in overweight patients.Role in the wear dentures can cause wear and tear. Another factor in the over-active patients. Some of these patients of the doctor of activities that go beyond the prosthesis components that are located all over the play extreme eccentric movements can cause wear and tear.

The most important factor affecting the success of prosthetic surgery to be good at communicating with the patient and the surgeon and the patient limits movement, activity level, and provide clear information about the business itself and the status of these recommendations are specific to the patient’s awareness of the doctor is not outside the doctor’s recommendations should suit.

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