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What is the disease of Frozen Shoulder?


Frozen shoulder, the shoulder joint is a disease with limited range of motion and pain. Also known as the shoulder joint capsular adhesions. The disease begins sinister, the findings show improvement in increasingly heavy and long period of time.

What are the signs of disease, Frozen Shoulder?

The most important signs of disease, frozen shoulder, shoulder movements, loss of function and pain with severe disability. Observed in some patients a lot of pain, especially at night. Seen in three phases during the course of the disease varies according to the stages of the findings:

1 stage: all the movements of the shoulder joint is quite painful. Limitation of range of motion begins.

2 stage: At this stage, limited range of motion increased significantly decrease pain.

3 stage: at this stage, called the recovery phase of the pain has decreased. Is the opening of joint motion. Restriction of the range of motion of the shoulder joint in patients with stage surgical intervention is considered to be the most suitable for.

What are the causes of disease, Frozen Shoulder?

Exact cause of frozen shoulder is known disease. The disease is usually proximal humerus fracture, rotator cuff tears, shoulder surgery, and patients suffering from trauma to the shoulder as it is determined that it is so long. Still frozen shoulder disease incidence is higher in patients with diabetes. In addition, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, and seen in neurological diseases.


How to put the diagnosis of Frozen Shoulder?

Physical examination, diagnosis of disease, frozen shoulder strapping. Possible to identify concomitant shoulder problems are often radiography and MRI study.

Frozen Shoulder is the treatment of disease?

The first step in treatment of frozen shoulder disease, anti-inflammatory medication, and exercise. With this treatment, physical therapy or intra-articular injection is successful. Patients do not respond to physical therapy and range of motion and manipulation under anesthesia is earned. All patients who do not respond to them, and the reduction in contracture of the shoulder joint capsules are those with an advanced degree. 2-3 In these patients, the shoulder joint, limitation of motion of the shoulder through the hole opened by entering the necessary procedures have been completed release.


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