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Fracture patella (knee cap bone fractures)

FRACTURE patella (knee cap bone fractures)

The patella, knee cap bone, located at the front of the knee in articular cartilage and Knee Joint flat surface facing a string of making and playing an important role in keeping the bony structure is flat. Patella fractures are intra-articular extension and directory (the directory to keep straight) function to give rise to corruption because of the treatment they require.

In fractures of the patella (knee cap fractures), how about it?

Patella fractures; knees fall, car accidents, gunshot wounds, or direct trauma, such as the knee can hit the front of the glove box. In addition, the front of your thighs tense movements such as jumping index extension muscle and attempt to force sudden flexion contractions or sudden weight lifters as well as in the form of indirect trauma may fracture of the patella. In addition, increases the incidence of patellar fracture in the bone weakens the events. Weakens the example of the patella during the restoration of the patient’s anterior cruciate ligament in his knee patella graft taken or cysts, given the presence of the tumor and the metastases.

How to put the diagnosis of patella fracture?

Patella fractures of the knee in front of the pain, swelling and tenderness are. In addition, radiographs of the knee shot is broken. Cases show the decomposition of the broken pieces of the patient’s leg, keeping it straight and remove the directory is checked.


Fractures of the patella (knee cap Fractures) how are they treated?

Radiographs show the decomposition of, brace leg directory or twist the facts straight removes the patella fracture can be treated with gypsum. Here, the lack of a significant difference in the level of the joint surface call. Orthopedist in appropriate patients may require computed tomography. Broken ends of the decomposition, keeping the leg straight joint level directory of patellar fracture patients and surgical treatment. Squeeze patella fracture surgery stretching wire and fine wire nails applied to call application method is used.

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