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Flexor Tendon Injuries

Flexor Tendon Injuries

Tendon is a cord like fibrous tissue starting from a muscle and inserting to bone. Contraction of the muscle pulls the tendon to move the joint that tendon attached to bony prominence. Flexor tendons of hand located on the palmar side of wrist and hand are attached to the finger bones. Their function is provide flexion of fingers and hand.  There are two layers flexor tendons. The flexor digitorum profundus tendon is deeper and attaches to the tip of the finger bone.while superficial flexor digitorum tendon is lined more superficially and attaches to the middle bone of finger.

How does the flexor tendon injuries occur?

Flexor tendon injuries are often seen with disruption of the continuity of the tendon as a result of stabbing and cutting injuries. The function of the tendon is lost as a result of the cut. Other than that, rheumatic diseases, diabetes may cause spontaneous ruptures without any trauma to the tendon.An orthopedic surgeon should examine the patient to understand the type of tendon injury.  Patient With flexor digitorum profundus tendon tear cannot bend the tip of their finger while in superfisialis flexor digitorum tendon injuries, the patient can bend all the fingers, but it is usually very painful and power is diminished.

How the treatment of flexor tendon injuries?

wound irrigation,cleaning and exploration of tendon ends should be made. Orthopedic surgeon may need to lengthen the wound to see both ends of tendon. He or she also looks for foreign bodies and additional injuries.. Is necessary in cases of tetanus vaccine. Planned later treated with splints. Flexor tendon injuries require surgery in the treatment. Flexor tendon injuries should be treated in the operating room and the accompanying potential neurovascular injuries should be treated. Buy wrist splint after 3-4 weeks after repair of tendon motion is based. After flexor tendon repair splint made of physical therapy is provided to gain full function of the tendon.

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