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Extansor Tendon Injuries


Extensor Tendon Injuries

Tendon injuries (tears)

Wrist extensor tendons are located on the back of the hand. Since they are located superficially, extensor tendon injuries are common. Direct trauma with sharp objects may cause tendon laserations. Some sistemic diseases like diabetes, rheumotoid arthritis, gout disease may cause tendon degeneration. Degenerated tendons become weaker and can be ruptured spontaneusly.

What are the findings of extensor tendon injuries?

Extensor tendon tears are usually presented with a cut on the dorsum of hand. Patient can not straighten the finger that extensor tendon cut.A hand surgeon or orthopedic surgeon examine the wound and hand functions for the possibility of associated injuries. Yur physician may ask for additional radiological study to rule out bone fracturs,dislocations and foreign bodies.

What is the treatment of Extensor tendon injuries?

Surgery is the treatment of extensor tendon injuries. Surgical treatment extensor tendons are sewn end to end with a special sewing technique. Postoperatively, the patient’s hand and wrist are kept in a splint. Splint or cast is used, for 3-4 weeks which is follwed by physical therapy.

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