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ESWT (Extracorporeal shockwave theraphy) APPLICATION

ESWT (Extracorporeal shockwave theraphy) APPLICATION

ESWT (Extracorporeal shockwave theraphy) explain as extracorporeal shockwave theraphy.ESWT is a non-vaziv method implemented to external body,doesn’t require any cut.In Extracorporeal shockwave theraphy ,high pressure and high energy implemented to pain area within a short period of time(1 µsn) with the help of ESWT device.Using ESWT treatment in orthopedy field helps to solve lots of chronic pain issues and become as an alternative treatment.

Orthopedic treatments that ESWT could be use as;

Heel pain issues typically progress depends on plantar fasiistis and heel spur.Pleasing results obtained with ESWT in irresponsive heel pain treatments with exercise and medicine .

Achilles tendon pain issues,tendinopati issues as generated achilles tendon degeneration without split in middle-aged is most common heel pain issue reason.In insistent pain issues ESWT could used.

Elbow pain issues also known as tennis elbow cause persistanced chronic pain issues in many cases.ESWT gives succeded results also in those cases.

ESWT should be use in tretment of Kalsifik tendinit that cause most part of the shoulder pain.Diagnosis and examination needed for separating cause of shoulder pain according to pataology.

ESWT also use for shin splits pain issues seen in front calf.

Besides pain treatment with ESWT application apply to trigger point in fibromiyalji treatment.

Succeeded results notified in persistent trokanterik bursitis cases with ESWT recently.

Extracorporeal shockwave theraphy implemented with help of prop connected to ESWT device.Implemented to pain area that rubbed with gel for prop with shock wave in certain number.General implement is like three times but once in week.

ESWT unworkable for pregnants,people has pacemaker and infection issues in implemented area.



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