Wrist Fractures


Fractures of the wrist is the most common upper extremity fractures in the emergency departments of all fractures in 4 forms one by one in five. Three-quarters of wrist fractures of the distal radius (the lower end of the radius), and distal ulna (the lower end of the ulna) fractures. After that, the most common carpal scaphoid fracture or wrist is called the navicular bone.

How is wrist fractures?

Wrist fractures, motorbike, bicycle, fall down or on the road with a load on the foot slips will be on hand during a fall. This is the correct angulation of the distal radius fractures show that the largest portion of the back of the wrist also referred to as Colles fractures. If you fall on the wrist wrist bended down into the palm of fracture angulation of the distal radius fracture indicates that this type of fracture is called the Smith.

What are the findings of wrist fractures?

Wrist pain, swelling observed immediately, and can no longer play the wrist with the other hand and wrist that needs fixing broken wrist deformity seen in sequence.

How to put the diagnosis of wrist fractures?

Physical examination and radiological diagnosis of wrist fractures are laid. Fracture extending into the joint in the joint, Computed Tomography examination may be asked to determine whether the crash.

How to treat fractures of the wrist?

Sequence intact, broken ends of the distal radius and ulna fractures without displacement decomposition and are treated with gypsum. Plaster will remain for a period of about 6 weeks. Broken ends of the slip, open fracture (open wound assets), what we call in case of broken ends of the sequence of reduction is necessary. This process is usually done with fluoroscopic operating conditions. The patient, local, regional, or general anesthesia applies. Followed by reduction of the nail from the outside in the form of two pieces of thin wire to prevent split ends and re-plaster applies to shift fixed later. If it is not reduced if the fracture, open fracture is broken is broken or open surgery with intra-articular fracture is reduced, and preferably with a locking plate is detected. Open fractures with external fixation is present in particular in the treatment of soft tissue defects can be applied.

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