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Disease sciatica (sciatica, sciatica pain)


DISEASE sciatica (sciatica, sciatica pain)


Sciatica, for the path of the sciatic nerve pain is felt. In sciatica, Pain on one side and a bottom side, starting from the waist hips, thighs, knees, and felt along the back of the calf.

Sciatica pain, disease, along the path of the sciatic nerve in the region can be any shape or height, such as the spread in these regions could be felt throughout. Pain or discomfort in the form of a sharp pain in the form may be just as. In some patients, burning, numbness or decreased sensation, loss of sensation and loss of muscle strength can be seen.

Sciatica disease, nerve roots forming the sciatic nerve at the level of the waist is a result of jam and rarely piriformis disease. Rarely damaged by trauma or tumor on the nerve ta may be under pressure. Depending on the level of lumbar herniated disc or arthritis are often the result of a pinched nerve is bony projections.

Diagnosis, physical examination by a doctor lying on your back leg straight as well as the pain felt during the removal, feel the difference, fingertip or by pressing the heels to walk, muscle weakness observed. Also direct radiography and / or MRI revealed the cause be stacked.

Sciatica disease, spinal arthritis patients started, make regular sport not in the sedentaries desk jobs, as a professional who lift heavy loads, and in patients with diabetes is more common in overweight individuals.

Very severe pain for a long time not exceeding complaints, muscle weakness, urinary and / or faecal incontinence presence of a fall, without losing time after the accident that a doctor needs to employ the findings.

Sciatic nerve disease, or if the neurologic deficit detected with MRI findings are not severe pressure in patients, resting initial approach, muscle relaxants and antiemflamatuvar drugs used.

Although the results are not in physical therapy in patients with medicines and bed rest can result in success.

Some patients epidural injections in the lumbar region may benefit.

All patients who do not respond to these therapies, and there are norological signs examination of surgical treatment is applied.

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