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De Quervain Disease (De Quervain Tenosinovitis)

De Quervain’s disease (De Quervain’s tenosynovitis)

Extensor pollicis brevis and abctor pollicis longus tendons  share the same tunnel at wrist level.Trapping of the tendons within the tunnel cause the De Quervain Disease.

What causes De Quervain’s disease?

De Quervain’s disease may be seen with repetitive trauma activities like  knitting, musical instrument use, gardening,  babysitting and cooking.

What are the findings of De Quervain’s Disease?

Patients feel pain at the lateral side of the wrist when lift, carry or grasp an object with their thumbs. Patient complain about pain when the lateral side of wrist compressed and palpated.

What is the treatment ofDe Quervain’s disease?

In De Quervain’s disease, the first treatment with the use of oral and topical medications like antiimflamatory medicine,resting, thumb wrist splint used to support the thumb. When this treatment fails, local injection can be done. Most patient may benefit from local injections. Patients feeling pain and discomfort despite teh consevative treatment may require surgical treatment. The tunnel that tendons passing is released with surgery. During the surgery spiecial attention must be paid that in some patients each tendon may have its own division with the tunnel which needs to be released properly.

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