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Custom made insole

Custom Insoles feet Unit

An important part of the problems standing in the pain and depression of the foot structure and due to our pressing problems.We have seen our feet calluses, heel and foot pain of the front side as an example.Varies seen in differences in the structure of the foot plantar pressure and load distribution.Even the differences in pressure on the soles of the feet are seen both in the same person.

In a special feet unit called AMFIT Insoles foot pressure measurement device with digitizer reveals particular 3-dimensional shape of the foot and this information is transferred to the computer with the help of the digitizer to see the shape and pressure distribution of the foot is pressing.

At this point,  foot and Ankle Surgery Specialists Prof.Dr. Şeref AKTAŞ , solve this foot base compression problem with desing a special insole in computer.

Prof.Dr.Şeref Aktaş gives final shape and produce a special ınsoles by using a computer model with Amfit Miling foot device.The main materials are all produced in our units provided from Amfit U.S.

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Prof.Dr. Seref Aktas