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Arthritis of the knee (knee osteoarthritis,gonatroz

Arthritis of the knee (knee osteoarthritis,gonatroz)

Knee arthritis,is the most common joint calcification. Knee osteoarthritisis the leading cause of knee pain over the age of middle-aged and elderly. Osteoarthritis of the knee with arthritis is a clinical condition began with Erosion of cartilage in the knee joint.

What are the causes of knee calcification?

Advanced age,

Previous intra-articular knee injuries such as fractures,

Recurrent knee injuries,

Revised anterior cruciate ligament tears, meniscal tears, cartilage injuries, increase abrasion with the same impact if the index broke mechanics,

Osteochondritis dissecans of the knee cartilage and other issues

Free intra-articular cartilage components,

Rheumatoid arthritis diseases, such as gout emflamatuvar,

Revised knee septic arthritis and infections,

Being overweight causes knee arthritis, osteoarthritis.

What are the signs of Knee calcification?

The main findings of the knee calcification, pain, limitation of joint movement, joint stiffness and knee swelling.In the knee osteoarthritis, Arthritis of the findings scroll and revealed slowly. Knee osteoarthritis, such as pain, previously only long activities, prolonged walking, even after the pain while at rest is as time progresses. Joint stiffness becomes more pronounced, especially after long-term Settlements and patients find it hard to stand up for a while and then drop knees become comfortable.

How to put the diagnosis of knee calcification?

Orthopedic doctor diagnose knee calcification by asking a number of questions to have an idea. Orthopedic doctor will ask you questions like how long is your pain, your pain, which increased activities knee, how knee pain and there is any knee surgery or trauma relief that previously spent on issues.

During the examination of knee joint, knee orthopedic doctor observing regions of knee swelling knee injury, and surgery of any traces of the old looks at whether there is an angular deformity. Later examination of the knee joint by applying pressure on different parts of the places that attempts to determine sensitivity. Then with different twists and inspection tests of meniscus, ligaments, and cartilage evidence for the presence of problems.

Arthritis of the knee, your doctor wants to knee x-rays, they are standing up, lying down or standing up can be towed knees bent.In x-rays, orthopedic doctor finds angular deformity of the knee joint and the presence of knee osteoarthritis in the knee joint, characterized by joint space narrowing due to calcification of cartilage and bone erosion, and the amount and size of tabs seeing the knee osteoarthritis, knee exposes the level of calcification.

In some cases, orthopedic doctor wants MRI study. MR examination and cartilage, meniscus tears, and haga ruptures displayed in full. MR examination of the knee arthritis, especially in patients with non-advanced level of cartilage absorsion is required.

How is the treatment of the knee arthritis?


Treating knee calcification, the most important factor to determine the current level of scaling. Arthritis of the knee is very early stage or mild pain relievers and knee exercises are sufficient. The most important point in here, if the patient’s knee joint angular extraversion, angular deformity, defect exists and that it intends to increase the surgical correction of knee calcification is planned. Arthritis of the knee with moderate MR examination of the knee cartilage abrasion increase or found to be caused by the patient’s complaint of pain disorders, meniscal tears, ligament injuries, knee cap compliance issues are detected, these disorders are treated with knee arthroscopy. For example, rubbing the knee joint cartilage, freezing, giving rise to restrict the motion of the knee joint with a meniscus tear arthroscopic meniscectomy targeted to relieve the patient was treated. Intermediate level in patients with knee arthritis, if the patient’s knee joint angular extraversion, deformity of the knee calcification is present and it is thought to increase the disorder in middle-aged patients, surgical correction of the angular planned unloading knee braces in patients with advanced age, equally distributed load on the string is attempted. However, physical treatments are moderate osteoarthritis of the knee joint has an important role.Best results can be obtained directly between requiring arthroscopy in patients after arthroscopy and does not require physical therapy. Patients with advanced arthritis, even feel pain while resting. Joint radiographs taken of these patients is significant distances very narrow and bony prominences patients. This is important in patients with arthritis or just on the inside of the findings is whether the entire directory. Only the young and fit patients who are suffering on the inside unicompartmental knee replacement is just inside the directory. Advanced age and / or directory on both inside and outside total knee arthroplasty apply in these patients.

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