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Acetabular Labral Tears


Hip labrum tears (acetabular labrum tears)

Hip labral tears (Tears in the labrum ACETABULAR)

Acetabular labrum, the acetabular socket of the hip joint on the bottom edge of the transverse ligament stretching along until the building is fibrocartilage. The contribution of cohesion and stability of the acetabular labrum of the hip joint is well known.

How is the acetabular labrum tears occurs?


Acetabular labrum tears, during sporting activities, such as degenerative hip joint call can be repeated with sudden force the traumas and sprains to wear with labrumda be indolent. Acetabular labral tears, hip dysplasia, hip impingement disease, coxa valga in patients with underlying conditions such as hip joint disease is more prevalent.

What are the findings of the acetabular labrum tears?

Acetabular labrum tears, the front side of the hip refers to a sudden trauma and orthopedic specialist, groin and sometimes severe pain in the outer part of the hip, difficulty walking, pain in rotation and is seen to increase. Degenerative retinal tears in patients with acetabular labrum activity and some movements at first, and then the pain becomes more frequent. Patients with rhegmatogenous acetabular labrum, block and complaints will be donning. The acetabular labrum tears seen limping from time to time.

How to diagnose qcetabular Labrum Tear?

Orthopaedic Specialist acetabular labrum tear patients with complaints suspicious. Since the opening outward and inward rotation of the hip bent on physical examination and / or the external and internal rotation of the hip twisting stress of approximation in the midline and groin pain in the hip joint that suggests that rupture of the acetabular labrum. Orthopedic specialist or MRI study to confirm the diagnosis.

How is the treatment of acetabular labrum tear?

Rest of the acetabular labrum tear and antiemflamatuvar drug therapy is the first treatment. Despite this therapy, the patient’s daily activities 2-3 weeks to take effect in the event of complaints or the patient is experiencing difficulty in the lives of professional athletes and professional sports in the surgical treatment is also discussed. In these patients, treatment with hip arthroscopy is performed by accessing the hip joint with 3-4 holes. Hip arthroscopy small tears, degenerative tears are treated by flushing. Tears in the form of the decomposition of the acetabular labrumda planting especially in young patients treated arthroscopically. Hip impingement hip arthroscopy cartilage pathologies and disease potential can be determined. Hip impingement hip joint cartilage pathology and disease can be treated arthroscopically.


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